Kyrene de la Mirada Leadership Academy                                                                   Parent   Teacher Organization


Location:  Kyrene de la Mirada

At Mirada are intent is a bit different. We are not racing Turkeys, dancing, or singing. We want to encourage our children to make healthy choices and know from experience they are fun choices. We invite all families to attend and cheer on students as they run. Parents and siblings can even run with them if they like! After the race, the students and families will have lunch together.

We welcome you to volunteer for the Turkey Trot as a member of our coordinators.

And these gals! 

All except that one town in Texas who since 1912 race actual Turkeys.

Turkey Trot

Our annual fun run around Thanksgiving is a tradition all its own. Americans, among others, have been running the Turkey Trot since 1896. Traditionally, turkey trots are held because Americans anticipate indulgent Thanksgiving feasts and run in turkey trots to burn off calories. 

These folks ....