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The Story of Tuft & Needle

Are you a school PTO member at your own school?  Or perhaps you wish that your school would also be a Tuft & Needle school. 

Great News!  

The Tuft & Needle School Fundraiser Program is now Nationwide! This means that any PTO/PTA/PTSA in any state can sign their school up for the program! Schools can choose to raffle the mattress off, donate it to a family in need, or use it as an end of the year teacher raffle. Go to their sign up page at and don't forget to mention Mirada PTO told you about the program.

Everyone will eventually have to buy a mattress. It can be a time-consuming and expensive process. We often walk away feeling like we paid a ton and 'was it worth it?'

Here is your guarantee!  The online mattress seller Tuft & Needle is a local Phoenix company and they will donate 25% of the purchase cost of any mattress you buy to Mirada PTO if you purchase it on our personal school link.

If you don't need a mattress come back when you do, use our link donate to the school and know your purchase was 'really' worth it. Even if you are not sure you need the mattress now we would watch the video released by Tuft and Needle. You'll want to support these guys as much as they want to support us.