Kyrene de la Mirada Leadership Academy                                                                   Parent   Teacher Organization

Let's take a minute to get serious on this page. While the PTO loves to have fun during our FUNdraisers it's important to us that you know where that money is going. We ask you to donate, volunteer, and help us and we believe that means you deserve to know exactly what we did with the money raised. Our Treasurers will provide updates and make sure that our Mirada family, stays in the know.

Treasurer's Corner


The generous funds raised by PTO tremendously benefit all of our students.  When monies are raised, teachers can utilize phenomenal supplemental resources, such as "Time for Kids" magazines and supplies for project based learning units.  PTO has also funded classrooms to take extraordinary field trips which directly correlate to our state standards.  With the support of funding from our amazing Mirada PTO, teachers can be more impactful toward student success.

Mrs. Michele Propps, 2nd Grade Teacher at Mirada


PTO funds help furnish materials and experiences for our students that we could not provide otherwise. My classroom instruction has been enriched and extended by "Time for Kids" news magazines, supplies for Project Based Learning, and field trips, all supported by funds raised by our PTO.

Mrs. Gwen Mulder, 1st Grade Teacher at Mirada