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  • Member of The Executive Board
  • Jointly with the Accountant; receive all funds of the organization
  • Keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures, and payout funds as authorized by the President or the Executive Board
  • Make disbursements as authorized by the board or pursuant to the budget
  • Ensure tax forms are complete for each fiscal year
  • Attend monthly board meetings   

Treasurer - Bookkeeper 

Kristen Henle

 Personal statement: 

Mother of a 5th grader! I chose to be a part of the PTO because I love being involved and making the school a better place for my son and the other children. 

My experience with the PTO has been when my child was an incoming kindergartener, for two years I was the third quarter chair. I also helped run the fall festival at that same time. I then took a year off to help volunteer in the classroom for 2nd grade. I then came back to co-coordinate the treasurer position. 

I love Mirada and everything it stands for! I am extremely proud of all I have done for the school and everything I hope to continue to do. 

Meet Mirada's PTO Treasurer - Bookkeeper