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We all understand how hard our teachers work across the country. However, what we have long since learned is that teachers are really invested in our children. They spend all day with our children building character, comradery, and teaching them - teaching even life lessons. They celebrate with our children and the joyful little dance you feel when your child accomplishes something... guess what? The teachers and staff feel it too!

Teachers love to have communication with the parents and having staff on our PTO helps our school-wide communication, plus make scheduling easier. At Mirada, they don't work that hard and walk away. No, Mirada teachers care, really care; about our children and our families. The Mirada community is very fortunate to have teachers and school staff interested in being a part of the PTO.

Imagine how amazing it is for us to have our teachers and staff work with us. Yes, they worked a long day. Yes, they have families, pets, and errands to do; but they never fail to help. We are grateful for all our school staff and teachers alike but would like to recognize the support of the following stars for the 2017 - 2018 school year: