Kyrene de la Mirada Leadership Academy                                                                   Parent   Teacher Organization

Grand Prize Drawing Winners

Mirada’s top readers and top fundraisers for the Read-a-thon were entered into drawings for some amazing prizes.  Here are our winners:

Tuft & Needle Mattress:   Eljay D. - Mrs. Levos

Kindle Fire Tablet:  2nd-3rd: 
Rylee F. - Mrs Edinger

Kindle Fire Tablet:  4th-5th:  Rohan S.  -  Mr. Carras

Leapfrog Tablet: PreK- 1st:  Ayla T. - Mrs. Wludyga

Jump Passes to Jumpstreet: 
Taylor T. - Mrs Bordelon,   
Wyatt H. -  Mrs Myczek, 
Callie L - Mrs Knowlton

Daily Reading Raffle Winners

Students who completed and turned in their GREEN daily reading coupons to their teacher were put into a drawing for a "Dive into a Good Book" goodie bag! One winning coupon was drawn per grade, per day. Here are our winners!

September 5 - Drawing #1

Pre-K:  Grayson J.  -  Miss. Wludyga
Kindergarten:  Archer B.  -  Mrs. Williams
1st Grade:  Elaina Z.  -  Mrs. Mulder

2nd Grade:  Delilah  -  Ms. Anderson

3rd Grade:  Miles C.  -  Ms. Nafziger

4th Grade:  Mason C.  -  Mr. Carras

5th Grade:  Kieran P.  -  Ms. Dean

September 6

Pre-K:  Jameson L.  -  Ms. McDaniel
Kindergarten: Danny W.  -  Mrs. Williams
1st Grade: Bradley B.  -  Mrs. Mulder
2nd Grade: William B.  -  Ms. Anderson
3rd Grade: Alora D.  -  Mr. Abraham
4th Grade:  Aliyah  -  Mrs. Juetten
5th Grade: Caterina B.  -  Mrs. Dirvonas

September 8

Pre-K:  Aadhya T.  -  Ms. McDaniel
Kindergarten: Shaelyn G.  -  Miss. Hesse
1st Grade: Laila D.  -  Mrs. Wilson
2nd Grade: Nolan M.  -  Mrs. Burgmeier
3rd Grade: Viana V.  -  Ms. Nafziger
4th Grade: John W.  -  Mr. Carras
5th Grade: Emma J.  -  Mrs. Bordelon

September 12
Pre-K:  Ryan H.  -  Miss Wludyga
Kindergarten: Jy D.  -  Miss. Hesse
1st Grade:  Max W.  -  Mrs. Wilson
2nd Grade: Maximus S.  -  Mrs. Williams
3rd Grade: June K.  -  Mr. Abraham
4th Grade: Lakoda G.  -  Ms. Rivas
5th Grade: Emma J.  -  Mrs. Bordelon

September 14
Pre-K: Derin T.  -  Ms. McDaniel
Kindergarten:  Hamza H.  -  Miss. Hesse
1st Grade:  Alice R.  -  Mrs. Mahan
2nd Grade:  Maddin H.  -  Mrs. Propps
3rd Grade:  Justin W.  -  Mr. Abraham
4th Grade:  Gabriela G.  -  Mrs. Juetten
5th Grade:  Kate Pyatt -  Ms. Dean

Teacher Challenges
 These Teachers’ classes challenged each other to read the most reading blocks. 
​The winning teachers won gift certificates to First Watch Café.

--Mrs. Rivas VS. Mrs. Juetten:


--Mrs. Dean VS. Mrs. Dirvonas:


--Mrs. Dean VS.
Mrs L. Williams


--Mrs. Mahan VS. Mrs. Wilson


--Mrs. Mulder VS. Mrs. Neely


Read-a-thon Prize Winners

Dessert Winners
These students were picked from all the students that raised at least $50, and got to be the pie throwers at Mrs. McKenna and Mrs. Branch:

Kindergarten: Archer B and Landon B

First Grade: Frank D and Saylor L

Second Grade: Max Sand Riley S

Third Grade: June K and Zoe C

Fourth Grade: Quinn W and Elizabeth R

Fifth Grade: Joe B and Issa A

Class Winners

Class with the most blocks read per Student:
Mrs. Dean at 87 blocks per student, 1934 total blocks

Class with the most money raised per Student:
Mrs. Mulder with $82.08 dollars per student, $1641.50 total

The teachers of the classes with the most reading books read per student, per grade won Changing Hands Gift Certificates:

Preschool: Mrs. McDaniel
Kindergarten: Mrs. K. Williams
1st: Mrs. Mulder
2nd: Mrs. L. Williams
3rd: Mr. Abraham
4th: Mr. Carras
5th: Mrs. Dean​

Top Readers and Fundraisers
Won passes to Urban Jungle

Top Reader Pre-K – 1st Grade:  Trisha S. - Mrs. Mulder
Top Fundraiser Pre-K – 1st Grade: 
Callie L. - Mrs Knowlton

Top Reader 2nd Grade – 3rd Grade:  Kaitlyn L. - Mr. Abraham

Top Fundraiser 2nd Grade – 3rd Grade:  Jack B. - Mrs. Edinger

Top Reader 4th Grade – 5th Grade: 
Matthew P. - Mrs Dean

Top Fundraiser 4th Grade – 5th Grade: Caelyn T.  - Mrs. Dean

September 5 - Drawing #2

Pre-K:  Olive N.  - Miss. Wludyga
Kindergarten:  Ryleigh M.  -  Mrs. Williams
1st Grade:  Ainsley A. - Mrs. Mulder

2nd Grade:  Chloe C. - Mrs. Propps

3rd Grade:  Marley B.  -  Mrs. LaMonica

4th Grade:  Riley S.  -  Miss Lupercio

5th Grade:  Haruka Y. -  Mrs. Dirvonas

September 7

Pre-K:  Grey W.  -  Miss. Wludyga
Kindergarten:  Logan S.  -  Mrs. Williams
1st Grade:  Reese R.  -  Mrs. Mahan
2nd Grade:  Omar T.  -  Mrs. Williams
3rd Grade:  Carrion F. -  Ms. Edinger
4th Grade:  Everett D.  -  Mrs. Juetten
5th Grade:  Jazmine T.  -  Mrs. Crosby

September 11

Pre-K:  Ayla T.  -  Miss. Wludyga
Kindergarten:  Madison M.  -  Ms. Levos
1st Grade:  Myles B.  -  Mrs. Wilson
2nd Grade:  Charlotte B.  -  Mrs. Williams
3rd Grade:  Sahana  -  Ms. Edinger
4th Grade:  Kirsten K.  -  Mrs. Myczek
5th Grade:  Issa A. R. -  Mrs. Bordelon

September 13
Pre-K:  Leah J.  -  Miss Wludyga
Kindergarten:  Makynna B.  -  Mrs. Williams
1st Grade:  Roman E.  -  Mrs. Mulder
2nd Grade:  Kyle M.  -  Mrs. Williams
3rd Grade:  Samantha E.  -  Mr. Abraham
4th Grade:  Kaylie  -  Ms. Rivas
5th Grade:  Elena M.  -  Mrs. Bordelon

September 15
Pre-K:  Tristan M.  -  Miss Wludyga
Kindergarten:  Ben M.  -  Miss Hesse
1st Grade:  Jaden H.  -  Mrs. Neely
2nd Grade:  Saanika S. - Mrs. Burgmeier
3rd Grade:  Olivia C.  - Mrs. LaMonica
4th Grade:  Sebastian M. -  Mrs. Juetten
5th Grade:  Satina F.  - Mrs. Dirvonas