Kyrene de la Mirada Leadership Academy                                                                   Parent   Teacher Organization

Mirada's PTO uses a variety of ways to raise funds throughout the school year. However, we need your help raising the funds that will allow our school to provide each child and teacher a school-life we would all appreciate. Project-based learning, classroom publications, teacher hospitality, field trips and classroom supplies are just a few things we at the PTO use the funds for. 

Think about it... Your child's school is a community... our community.

How different can these things make the experience at school for your child, their best friend, their teacher? If you could make a contribution to ensure all children had the same opportunity to embrace their education in a new or creative way, a hands-on experience, exposed to new resources or equipment, would you contribute?

We know you would! Now, how awesome would it be for this contribution to be made with little to no effort? This is what we call "No sweat" fundraising. You just do what you normally do and your contribution is made. If you are wondering if this is possible - it is!

Below you will find some of our No Sweat fundraising opportunities. Read them. Learn about them. Participate. Contribute.

Fundraising Opportunities