Kyrene de la Mirada Leadership Academy                                                                   Parent   Teacher Organization

So here you are at the feedback form. You are probably thinking about how to write what you are about to say. Something has been really awesome but you don't want to praise us too much... we get it. Perhaps you are here because something has gone terribly wrong and you really need us to know. So now you are trying to find a kind way to write it. This we understand and we don't want another person to have the same experience. However, there may be another reason... you have an idea! It's the most amazing idea and you want to let us in on the secret?  Go right ahead, we love secrets.

No matter the reason please get in touch. It could be about flyers, events, members, website, your experience with us, anything at all.

We love to hear from other families and look forward to your message. 

Feedback and Suggestions