Box tops for education was started by General Mills in 1996. It's a program that some of us remember the introduction of. 

Now the program has spread so far and wide there are many ways to participate. First, you can, of course, buy the products you love and cut the box tops. You can get the full product listhere

Before you throw the box away check it for the box top. You are looking for something that looks like this: 

Box Tops for Education

Cut the coupon out and send it to school.We collect ours in an old piggy bank in the kitchen and then empty it into a plastic bag or envelope when it's time to send them to school.  It's that easy.

In turn, Mirada will earn $0.10 per box top. During the 2016-2017 school year, we earned $1,198.70 with box tops. This is amazing but there is more we can do. The highest earning school in the country during the same school year earned $102,071.20 and their school is the same size as Mirada. 

So this one you are going to love, you have to love it. It's easy and earns money for the PTO but also provides discounts FOR YOU! That's right they provide a list of products with coupons available on their website, you save. You send the box top to school, Mirada earns.

Our 2018-2019 Box Tops Coordinatoris Traci Murphy.


Can I send in a damaged or expired box top?

It’s very important that each Box Tops clip has a clearly visible product acronym and expiration date. If we are unable to read the acronym or expiration date, we cannot accept the clip. Additionally, expired Box Tops are not accepted. If the expiration date only shows a year that is in the future, we will accept it. And remember, clipped Box Tops don’t need to be trimmed perfectly – you can cut them neatly or just tear them off the package.

If you have a few extra minutes try out the Box Tops for Education App! This amazing little app earns you multiple Box Tops Points for your purchase. For example; if you buy 5 qualifying Lysol products (which is on our supply lists for school and many of us use this in our home) and you will earn 100 box tops!  100 x $0.10 = $10!  Help the classrooms, stock your cleaning cabinet and earn money for the school. Now that is an amazing deal. Plus, you can do that deal 4 times between June 1, - December 31, 2017. 

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