• Member of The Executive Board
  • Create a project plan for events scheduled in her elected quarter
  • Oversee and coordinate all Q1 events
  • Work closely with Hospitality and Communications chair to advertise events- newsletter, flyer, emails, sandwich boards and Facebook post.
  • Attend monthly board meetings   

1st Quarter Chair

Emily McKeown

   Kyrene de la Mirada Leadership Academy                                                                   Parent   Teacher Organization

Personal statement:

I am Emily McKeown, a stay at home mother of 4! Fifth grader, a third grader, a kindergartner, and preschooler. I graduated from ASU with a degree in English Literature and worked as an academic advisor at the University of Phoenix. My volunteer time at Mirada has always been limited, but 2017-2018 school year I will have an empty house for a few hours each day. 

I have worked at the book fair, worked on the raffle, took a stab at art masterpiece, and volunteered in my children's classrooms and chaperoned many field trips. I look forward to offering more time and energy to Mirada. 

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